Your Problem, Not Ours.

Eric and Joel are fully grown men with grown-up problems. Of course, all of them are first world problems. Ow! My credit card hurts. Wah! My PT Cruiser need gas. Bunch of babies… Eric is the host of another podcast called Tip Tap Tip a live radio version of watching paint dry.  Joel is a podcast drifter wandering from failed show to failed show, adding his own special brand of banality. Most notably, his failures include Squidpod, The Vinyl Countdown and The 10th Dimensionan unlistenable piece of garbage.

With The Salad Years, Their latest offering, you can listen to them talk shit and age right before your ears… I mean I wouldn’t, but I’m a fictional third person, invented to mask the fact that one of them, I’m not saying which one, is in actuality writing this. Also, they have no friends.

I hate these guys.


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